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Allow me to reintroduce you to yourself. Personal guidance to free you from the expectations + obligations you feel trapped in.
One Hour Call   $145

Before your call, you'll be sent a pre-coaching questionnaire to help me prep for our time together.


We'll work through one question or stronghold that has you blocked. If you're craving more intimacy with your husband, feeling lonely in motherhood, or stuck in your business--bring it to the session and we'll process it together. Together we'll define three action steps that put loneliness in your rearview mirror.

Three Hour Call   $435

In a three hour session, we'll be able to cover more ground. We'll have more time to dig deeper into your heart's motivations, desires, and fears. You'll walk away feeling seen and knowing yourself more deeply. Together, we'll decide three action steps to propel your forward.

In order to make the most of our time together, you'll be sent a pre-coaching questionnaire to help me prepare to meet you where you are. Upon booking you'll receive an invoice via PayPal which is to be paid within 24hrs to hold an appointment. Sessions will be conducted via Zoom.

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