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Summer Self Care Workshop

Group coaching to transform your relationships with others by cultivating a relationship with self.
You know that stinging feeling when someone doesn't choose you? Some gals gather but you missed the invite. You're craving a date night but your husband wants to watch the game with his guys. What would it look like if instead of waiting to be chosen by others, you chose yourself? Your Creator chose you and you should, too.

What is the Summer Self Care Workshop?

My approach to self care + worth will have you feeling empowered with the same courage I found to create deeper connections. I'll teach you to love yourself the way your Creator wants, so you can love others well + attract affection more abundantly.

Through my four-week online workshop, I’ll guide you through my four pillars of self-care. You'll receive a free workbook, an hour of live coaching each week, have opportunities to engage + discuss in the group, and receive actionable steps to start (or enhance) your own self-care practice.

We're keeping this first session small so sign up early.

Cost of investment

Instead of embarking on this journey alone, you’ll have me as your guide. Its my mission to help you go from feeling overwhelmed + unseen to fueled + chosen.

 Authenticity + intimacy start with you.

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