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The Launch Team

My first group coaching session is almost here (July) and I want you on my launch team.
We're going to have fun, make some new friends, hopefully fill every spot in the workshop in the process. Here are the details...
What's a launch team?

A launch team is a group of leaders assembled as an online team that works together with a common goal.


You are the sounding board and megaphones for my summer self care workshop.


You’ll be given specific direction, in our fb group, on practical ways you can help this session build momentum.

What's your role?

Social media post wi/ link to my website on launch day (IG/FB stories or post)


Share my post one other time during the launch phase


Tag two friends in my launch day post


Write a brief review from free 30min session


Engage w/ my posts when you're able to


Just be excited, hopeful, + in prayer with me!

What's in it for you?

Early + exclusive access to content


$10 off Summer Self Care Workshop for every paid referral (refer five and you get in free)


Upon Completion of Launch Team Tasks:

Free 30min one-on-one session


40% off one-on-one coaching for July + August 2020
(non transferable)


Chance to share about your small biz


Entered to Win $30 Amazon Gift Card

Are you ready? Let's Go!

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