Covid-19 Mind Capsule

We're all having to learn to live in a different way than we're used to. The kids are spending more time on screens than you care to admit. Homeschooling? Did you ever even hope to do that? Your eating habits have been... well, at least everyone's eating something. Every where you turn someone is telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing right now.

Have you even had a minute to really process what you're feeling and how quickly life is changing? What's making you uncomfortable and what you're longing for?

Everyone says this pandemic is for the books. Or they're saying our grandkids will read about this in textbooks. What about the part they won't find in textbooks? The personal stories? How this season actually made people feel and think?

I created this workbook for two reasons:

1) To work as a sort of mental time capsule. A mind capsule, if you will.

2) To guide you through processing and {hopefully} releasing some of the emotions you've been carrying around these past few weeks.

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