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Giving women confidence + tools to fully know and be themselves.

In my mid-twenties, I found myself in a less than desirable place in life. I jumped into personal development in hopes of improving myself and my circumstances. I ended up falling in love with the journey. Your circumstances will hit mountain peaks and valley lows. The climb will have times of joy and times of struggle. Falling in love with the journey is the only way to find happiness in it all. Do you know what else I found in the midst of this journey? I found myself and I found freedom. 

Something I learned about myself on this journey is my passion for leading women to a place of freedom + confidence. I love helping her find truth + confidence to conquer the expectations she feels weighed down by. I love holding up a mirror so she can see how beautiful + capable she is despite the messages she’s been told.

Using personal experience, independent research, and my training with Go + Tell Gals, I’ve developed some tools and steps to teach women how to stop living for the world so they can start living for themselves.

You may have spent your life letting the world define you but I believe your Creator carefully designed you to be something more. Let me coach and reintroduce you to the heart of the woman He created in you.


Here are some of the most common things clients will use coaching to support their life:

  • Overcoming a breakup or troubled Marriage

  • Parenting woes

  • Getting to know yourself

  • Building confidence and courage

  • Practicing self-acceptance

  • Figuring out the next steps

  • Exploring thoughts, feelings, and dreams

  • Overcoming fears

  • Redefining healthy relationships

  • Accountability to stay on track to their goals



For one to three hours—depending on what you book—you’ll have my complete and undivided attention. These sessions are conducted via Zoom which means we can meet from anywhere in the world in a space that is comfortable for you.


Like any good architect knows, your dreams have to become two-dimensional (writing) before they can become three-dimensional (doing/living). Email coaching is personalized one-to-one coaching that allows you all the convenience for your time and budget.


A few times a year I like to give you an opportunity to receive coaching in a group setting. Authentic sisterhood is an essential piece of my mission. This option is also the most budget-friendly.

Every one-to-one coaching option begins with a personal assessment in order to tailor the guidance to your needs.
What others are saying


Meghann has this charismatic, comforting, thoughtful way about her that is unlike anyone I know. She listens. She checks in. She give you space to breathe and think, while offering ways to propel yourself forward, or take a step back if that’s what you need. There is no drama, just down to earth compassion and encouragement. 


Group Coaching Participant

Meghann has a beautiful way of connecting with people and being able to encourage and direct at the same time without seeming bossy or pushy.



Meghann offered a safe ear during one of the hardest times I’ve been through. She spoke new hope + redemption over what I saw as a dead-end and lead me back to the gospel + grace I needed to hear. I felt loved and heard for my real feelings instead of dismissed or written off. She doesn’t shy away from the truth of real life and people being messy, and helped me believe there is still abundance to be found for me, as there always has been, through the grace of God.

Real life guidance to free you from the expectations + obligations you feel trapped in.
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