I'm a slightly bad ass urban wildflower navigating motherhood, 

marriage, friendship, faith, + leadership. I want to build a community + coaching relationship that encourages you to step into your full authenticity and inspires you to grow in new ways.

Hey ya'll! I'm Meghann! I've lived a life that's anything but tidy, so you're welcome to let it all hang out around here. In 2020 I'm working to steward my time, gifts, and resources in a way that brings growth + glory to my Creator. I'm trading out striving for contentment and I'm faithfully stepping into my spiritual gifting of exhortation.

I want to sit across the table as you light up talking about what you're good at and as you pour out your struggles. And then I want to be on the side lines jumping and cheering as you run hard after your goals. I don't just want to be your girlfriend, I want to ask you the hard questions, point you towards growth, and challenge you to take that next big (or little) step of faith.

You can find me the most relaxed in one of two places:

(1) returning home after an adventure, settling into my front porch hammock swing with a WW2 novel or

(2) on a local island with my painted toes in the ocean, a libation by my side, and sun kissed little girls splashing before me.

I'm a little bit earthy, a little bit feisty, a little bit artsy, a little bit outdoorsy.

We live in the Charleston, SC area. I love wandering local creeks + riverbanks looking for shark teeth and critters, eating at local restaurants, and lazing under the Spanish moss covered live oaks.

I fully embody my enneagram seven in that I love adventure, I'm a quick thinker, I love fun, and I hate missing out on things. I feel so alive exploring new places or getting dolled up to go out on the town with my husband and/or girlfriends. I sling oils and work a couple days a week at a local coffee shop on the side.

This is my clan.

Here's a few life events that built + fuel the coach I am today.


After seven years and a baby, my first husband walked away. I was left feeling lonely, lost, and rejected. I wasn't a fabulous single mom but I did learn a lot about what not to do.


My second marriage has its ups + downs.  We've had a lot of baggage to unpack. I've learned to practice letting go of control and loving myself in order to love my husband better.


Moving over 600mi away from my hometown was exciting + lonely. I had to figure out what kind of friendships + community I wanted, then basically create it for myself. It took creativity, authenticity, and courage.


To lead a successful business you need a healthy business owner + thriving community. In network marketing I am often told "its relationship marketing, so its easy." Girl, relationships are already hard. Add business + money to the mix, and things can get complicated.

Once or twice a month I send out little notes of encouragement + inspiration.

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