I'm Meghann, but you can call me Meg. All my favorite people do. I want to be up front by saying I've lived a life that's anything but tidy. You're welcome to let it all hang out around here.

I'm a slightly badass urban wildflower navigating many of the same roles of womanhood you are. I want to build a community + coaching relationship with you that encourages you to step into your own badassery.

Although I’m a licensed personal coach, it’s the colorful story of my own life that equipped me to coach women. Instead of fortune 500 companies, you'll find divorce, single motherhood, marriage, career disappointments, and relocation on my resume--and maybe a few official leadership positions, too. 

You, me, + self-care. Cue a plethora of ideas + definitions.

I get it. Self care is such a hot phrase right now and carries as many negative connotations as it does positive. I’m here to reassure you that it doesn’t have to be selfish, superficial, or overly time consuming.

Turning Inward

I learned the practice of turning inward first when I felt dissatisfied in a relationship or with my place in the world in general. Have you ever considered providing for yourself what you’re missing from others? As I cultivated my relationship with self I was able to boldly step into my slightly badass self, let loose, and have a little fun.

Sister friend, your Creator wants the same for you.

Imagine how you might show up in your marriage, motherhood, friendships, or work relationships if you weren’t so hungry for validation + affection. How might others engage with you differently?

God told us about self care. Jesus illustrated + instructed it.

Are you ready to live in agreement?

Here's a few life events that built + fuel the coach you'll be working with.


After seven years and a baby, my first husband walked away. I was left feeling lonely, lost, and rejected. I wasn't a fabulous single mom but I did learn a lot about what not to do.


My second marriage has its ups + downs.  We've had a lot of baggage to unpack. I've learned to practice letting go of control and loving myself in order to love my husband better.


Moving over 600mi away from my hometown was exciting + lonely. I had to figure out what kind of friendships + community I wanted, then basically create it for myself. It took creativity, authenticity, and courage.


To lead a successful business you need a healthy business owner + thriving community. In network marketing I am often told "its relationship marketing, so its easy." Girl, relationships are already hard. Add business + money to the mix, and things can get complicated.

A couple times a month I send out little notes of encouragement + inspiration.

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