Personal coaching that will transform your relationships with others by cultivating a relationship with self.
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Once or twice a month I send out inbox inspiration. In this more intimate setting we’ll dig deeper into self worth and personal relationships. You’ll finish these emails feeling seen, refreshed, motivated, or pondering a new perspective. And if you feel inclined to hit the reply button to keep the conversation going, I'd be thrilled.

The Slightly Badass Society is a group of women practicing authenticity + vulnerability with the goal of deeper connections. We’re getting better at filling our own cups so we can turn and pour out to others. We also like to have a little fun in here. We’re “slightly” badass because we don’t like to take ourselves TOO seriously!

In coaching we'll dig deep to determine what’s missing from your relationships, get to the root of your desires, try on new perspectives, and give up some old ones that are no longer serving you.



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Hey girl, are you struggling to keep refilling the cups around you? Much less refill your own? Sister friend, put that pitcher down and let me guide you to a well.

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