Do you identify as a people fixer or a people pleaser?
Teaching women how to stop living for the world, so they can start living for themselves.

I don't want to be stuck forever trying to fix my husband's political opinions. I don't want to forever try to convince my friends breastfeeding is the best for their babies. I don't have time to teach my whole family why natural remedies are usually the best first option when they're sick. And I darn sure don't have time to be saying 'yes' to every little request in hopes of saving the day for girlfriends or girls that I desperately wish would call me 'friend.'

Ultimately my desire to save the day is NOT selfless. Its a selfish attempt to achieve the approval + favor of others. To make myself feel valuable, lovable, and worthy.

Sound familiar?

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Have you lost who you are under the roles of motherhood, marriage, and work?

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